The Sweet Truth About Carbohydrates

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Stop Feeling Confused About Carbs For Good!

This course is for you if:

You want to stop being confused and feeling overwhelmed about what foods contain carbohydrates and what you can eat

You're tired of eating something and then seeing your blood glucose levels shoot up

You've spent so much money trying keto diet after diet or app after app out of desperation to lose weight

You want to learn how carbohydrates affect blood sugar levels and why they are important for type 2 diabetics to monitor

You want to learn how to make Healthy Carbohydrate Choices at meal times

You want to go low-carb but get your food choices all wrong (especially when eating out or at the dreaded all you can eat buffet!)

You want confidence to know what you can eat & have a healthy relationship with carbohydrates & your body now & forever. 
Having counted carbs for over 45 years, I know how carbs affect blood sugar, I know what foods to avoid and how to have a delicious diet without spiking my blood sugar!
That’s why I have created this course.

Imagine If You Could:

Transform your body & mind, & look & feel healthier than you ever have by changing your relationship with carbohydrates

Have the knowledge to know what to eat without spiking your blood sugars!

Enjoy weekend, social activities, BBQs, vacations, & special events without stressing about carbohydrates or your diet

Regain your self-confidence in making the right meal choices

Get rid of the focus & anxiety around food by making the wrong meal choices

Have the tools, resources, & support to truly understand pretty much all there is to know about carbs!


By the end of this program, you will learn:

What carbohydrates are; a bit of simple food science & the real role they play in the diet

How carbohydrates really affect blood sugar levels and why they are important for type 2 diabetics to monitor

The basics of glycemic index (GI) and glycemic load (GL) and their impact on blood sugar levels

How different types of carbohydrates affect blood sugar based on their GI and GL values

How to count carbs like a pro

How to read nutrition labels and calculate carbohydrate intake

How to balance carbohydrate intake with protein, fat, and fibre to help control blood sugar levels

How to make healthy carbohydrate choices and carb swaps

How to meal plan and make delicious low carb recipes

Practical strategies for managing carbohydrates when dining out or during social events (and the dreaded 'all -you-can-eat' buffet!)

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